Pure Reishi Cracked Spores (EXP: April 2019)

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Quick Overview:

Health Domain Reishi Cracked Spores, when taken regularly, can restore the body to its natural state, enabling all organs to function normally.


Expiry Date of Pure Reishi: April 2019

100% Ganoderma Lucidum Cracked Spores

It is then discovered that its spores are much beneficial than the body itself. However, it is also much difficult to harvest as Reishi mushroom only produces its spores once a year and are often carried away by wind.


Using modern agricultural harvesting methods, our Reishi spores are harvested in a natural environment. Spores are then cracked to maximise human body absorption of its nutrients.


Quantity: 300mg x 60 Capsules

Helps to:

• reduce fatigue
• strengthen respiratory system
• improve blood circulation
• improve immune system
• improve quality of sleep

100% ganoderma lucidum cracked spores

2 capsules 2 times a day for optimal effect