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10 Things To Do Before Turning 30

10 things to do before 30

By Health Domain 

7 Sep 2018, 3-min read

Are your twenties coming to a close? Before you go screaming for the ever-increasing numbers to come to a halt, listen up and take heart – life is going to get better. After all, your twenties are laden with experiences like surviving exams during university, the uncertainty of getting a job, the nervousness of your first day at work and endless questions about your career path. But, let’s be honest, there are a lot of things that you can accomplish before you turn 30. To fill your time between now and thirtydom, let’s fix some habits and make concrete goals.

Here is your Bucket List: 10 Things to Do Before You Turn 30

1.         Stop holding grudges.

There is a saying that goes ‘Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’. Studies shows that forgiveness affects your physical body positively. It lowers the risk of heart attack, improves cholesterol levels, increases pain tolerance, reduces levels of anxiety, and allows you to sleep better. Take some time to recognise who you are holding a grudge against (write it down if you must) and consciously release that feeling of anger and disappointment.

Set a fitness goal

2.         Set a fitness goal.

I could bore you with the list of benefits of exercising, but I won’t. Loving yourself is to love your body. No matter your body type, it is time to be fitter for your heart’s sake. Work up a sweat doing something you like. The soonest you start working out, the better chance you have in maintaining a set of routine for the rest of your life. Go running, hiking, dancing, swimming, or play team sports, because physical activity is not confined to going to the gym – but if going to the gym is your ideal way of getting your heart pumping, then so be it. Give yourself a reason to say, ‘Been there, done that!'

Learn to cook and eat clean

3.         Learn to cook and eat clean.

Have you been avoiding the kitchen or resorting to take outs/ fast food because you are just too busy?  Slow down a little on that, will you? Take time to evaluate the food that enters your system and feed yourself with the nutrients you need instead of chowing down on excessive sodium or sugar that will only make you feel ‘meh’ about yourself. Eating clean is about consuming ‘real food’.

Here's a tip to start you off  instead of cooking rice, cook quinoa instead (yes, you can also cook it in the rice cooker); also, make vitamin filled breakfasts by blending various fruits and veggies for a power-packed smoothie. You only need simple changes in your diet to see a whole lot of difference in how your body responds to food.

Besides, cooking your own food ensures that you stay happy and healthy for the rest of your life. 

Click here to see some simple quick-fixed meal recipes. 

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Stand for a cause and be passionate about it

4.         Stand for a cause and be passionate about it.

Who runs the world? Is it big corporations? Or is it the Illuminati? No, it’s you. You run the world, and you possess the power of change. Doing good for others makes you a stronger and well-rounded individual. Find a cause that you genuinely care about. Start small, be it within your local community or even go solo. In the midst of the giving, you will find value and meaning in your life.

Fly solo, travel somewhere

5.         Fly solo, travel somewhere.

There is a reason why travelling is such a fad now. It provides a paradigm shift in perspective which new environments and different cultures often offer. Unlike in the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, you don’t need a drastic occurrence in your life to go on a solo trip. Plan one according to a budget that fits you and just go. Allow the journey to push you out of your comfort zone and start you on the journey toward self-discovery. There is a saying that goes “Experiences take you to places”.

Build an emergency fund

6.         Build an emergency fund.

In your twenties, you discovered what it’s like to finally ‘adult’ – and in all truthfulness, it isn’t much fun. The good news is, it gets easier. To settle better in the third decade of your life, it is time to build a strong financial foundation that you can always fall back on when the going gets tough. An emergency fund is an account for savings set aside for a rainy day. Financial experts say that you need at least three to nine months of your salary saved up. It may seem like a big sum to some but even if it’s $10 a month, it’s something that will help you in time to come.

7.         Learn to express yourself.

The mundane schedule of life can leave you jaded – and being jaded for long periods of time can affect your mental health. Like how a lake with no outlet has little to no living creatures in it, a mind that has no outlets is fertile soil for unspeakable horrors. Therefore, take time to learn how to express yourself. It can be through journaling, drawing, painting, calligraphy, poetry, music or handiwork. Expression works wonders for reducing anxiety and stress, and it powers up your creativity.

8.         Know your health.

Don’t take anything for granted, especially your health. The most basic health check-up you need is a simple yearly health screening. It will give you a general overview about what your body is lacking or having too much of. Stay updated on your vaccines and, for the ladies, do conduct your breast examinations weekly and pap smears regularly. It also pays to have a doctor on call that you trust and can call for advice, and a word to the wise, that doctor should definitely not be Google.

Learn to express yourself
Know your health
Ditch Bad Habits

9.         Ditch Bad Habits.

Bad habits you picked up in your rebellious teenage years and ‘independent’ twenties has got to go out the window. It’s time to move on. Find yourself lighting up a ciggy habitually? Binge-watching one whole season of Orange is the New Black? Biting your nails? Drinking too much every time you hang out with your friends? To rid yourself of these pricey, unhygienic and time-wasting habits, you need to replace them with better habits. Find an accountability partner, one that will look out for you until you stop the bad habits altogether.

Treat yourself to something expensive

10.         Treat yourself to something expensive.

Whether is it eating at a Michelin star restaurant, purchasing a luxury item like a Chanel bag, or a weekend away at an upscale resort, you deserve these experience that will last for years. This doesn’t mean that you should max out your credit cards, but making a splurge at least once, motivates you to work harder in the future.