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Dr Oatcare Waffle
Chinese cuisine
Difficulty level: 1

– 100g castor sugar
– 2 eggs
– 200g full-cream milk
– 100g self-rising flour
– 50g Dr OatCare
– 25g salted butter, melted with a double boiler
– 6 tbsp purple sweet potato purée, stirred well with a little condensed milk and whipping cream
– 2 strawberries, stemmed and sliced some mint leaves

1) Put castor sugar into a container, then add eggs to stir with a egg whisk.
2) Pour in milk to stir well.
3) Add self-rising flour in 3 batches to stir well. Then add Dr OatCare Embryo Oats to stir well.
4) Filter the batter with a mesh, then pour in the melted butter, stirring well.
5) Preheat waffle maker. Pour in some batter but not too much or else it will overflow. Close with lid to bake for about 3 minutes. Unlid to remove waffle.
6) Fill piping bag with mixed purple sweet potato purée. Cut out a small hole.
7) Pipe purée on waffle. Garnish with strawberry and mint leaves.


– 细砂糖100克
– 鸡蛋2个
– 全脂牛奶200克
– 自发面粉100克
– Dr OatCare 50克
– 含盐牛油25克,隔水溶化
– 紫薯泥6汤匙,加少许炼奶和淡奶油拌匀
– 草莓2个,去蒂切片薄荷叶适量

1) 在容器里放入细砂糖,然后放入鸡蛋,用打蛋器搅拌均匀。
2) 倒入牛奶搅拌均匀。
3) 分3次倒入自发粉搅拌均匀,接着加入Dr OatCare初胚燕麦,搅拌均匀。
4) 用筛网过滤面糊,然后倒入溶化的牛油,搅拌均匀。
5) 预热华夫饼机,倒入适量面糊。面糊不能过多,否则会溢出来。盖上盖子,烘烤约3分钟。掀开盖子,用夹子把华夫饼夹出。
6) 将混合好的紫薯泥装入裱花袋中,剪个小口。
7) 在华夫饼上挤上紫薯泥,放入草莓片和薄荷叶点缀即可。

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