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Steamed Chicken Roll
Chinese cuisine
Difficulty level: 3

– 200ml water
– 2 pieces Chines angelica root (dang gui)
– 5 pieces Siberian Solomon’s seal rhizome (hai yu zhu)
– 10g wolfberries
– 3 dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked till soft then stemmed and diced
– 50ml Bone BioPro
– 2 boneless chicken thighs

1) Place Chinese angelica root, Siberian Solomon’s seal rhizome and wolfberries into a pot. Add water. Then pour in 100ml of the water used for soaking the mushroom to bring to boil. Turn off heat and leave to cool. Pour in Bone BioPro to mix well.
2) Lay aluminium foil on tabletop to place the chicken thighs (skin facing down) and adequate mushroom. Roll them up and twist both ends of foil tightly.
3) Steam chicken roll in steamer pot for about 20 minutes over high heat before removing.
4) Unwrap foil to remove chicken roll. Section to plate them, then drizzle with the herbal soup.


– 清水200毫升
– 当归2片
– 海玉竹5片
– 枸杞子10克
– 干香菇3朵,浸水至软,去蒂切丁润骨精50毫升
– 去骨鸡腿肉2块

1) 取一锅,放入当归、海玉竹及枸杞子。倒入清水。接着倒入100毫升的浸泡香菇水,煮至滚沸。熄火待凉后,倒入润骨精拌匀。
2) 锡箔纸平铺在桌面,把鸡腿肉平摊(皮朝下),放入适量香菇丁,卷好。两端以旋转方式扭紧锡箔纸。
3) 将鸡卷放入蒸锅,以大火蒸约20分钟,取出。
4) 拆开锡箔纸,拿出鸡卷,切段盛盘,淋上药材汤汁即可。

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